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Imacon™ 949


For film-based work and smaller flat artwork, the digital imaging process begins with scanning. Our scanners, the Imacon 949 and the Epson 10000XL flatbed, combined with our skill and experience, deliver the highest quality at this critical step in the imaging process. As scanning, like printing, is a subjective art, we strive to work collaboratively to fully and accurately realize the artist's vision.

Each scan is meticulously spotted at 100% resolution. Color balance, overall contrast and tone are adjusted in accordance with our best judgement and/or your instructions. Scans are saved as 16-bits per channel unless otherwise instructed. Damaged originals or image manipulations such as dodging and burning will incur retouching charges.

Resolution & File Size

Ideally images should be scanned to the size of the output at the printer's native resolution, which for Epson printers is 360 DPI (other machines may require only 300 DPI or less). If the final output size or device is unknown it is best to scan at the maximum optical resolution of the scanner. Images will not be degraded by down-sampling to make smaller prints, but detail cannot be added to up-sampled images where none exists in the original scan.

The tables below show optimum file sizes for various outputs and the maximum optical resolutions available. The file sizes listed are 16-bit per channel RGB (i.e. 48-bit color). We do all of our scans at this maximum bit depth, though if you require smaller files and you will not be making any further adjustments to color or tone, your files may be saved out as 8-bits per channel.

Print Size
360 PPI
300 PPI
240 PPI
8.5 x 11
73 MB
50 MB
32 MB
11 x 14
120 MB
83 MB
53 MB
16 x 20
249 MB
173 MB
111 MB
16 x 24
299 MB
207 MB
133 MB
20 x 24
373 MB
259 MB
166 MB
20 x 30
467 MB
324 MB
207 MB
24 x 30
560 MB
389 MB
249 MB
24 x 36
672 MB
467 MB
299 MB
30 x 40
933 MB
648 MB
415 MB
40 x 50
1555 MB
1080 MB
691 MB


Imacon Scans at Maximum Resolution
Film Size
4 x 5
430 MB
6 x 6
325 MB
6 x 4.5
400 MB
35 mm
360 MB
35 mm
500 MB
Epson 10000XL Scans
Maximum Resolution
2 GB


*Note: We have a custom film holder for 35mm film which allows full-frame scans showing some of the rebate (black border and sprocket holes) at up to 6300 ppi; films must be cut in strips of 6 for this holder.

At 8000 ppi films must be cut in strips of six or cut down to individual frames.

35mm slides can be scanned in their mounts at 5000 ppi, but better quality can be achieved by removing the film from the mounts (we will place the film in new slide mounts after scanning).

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